Industries Served


Oil & Gas

The versatility of our UAS’ platforms allows GEM Industrial Solutions to be a service provider to multiple sectors. However, given considerable challenges in the region, we’ve taken a particular interest in serving the needs of the agricultural and oil & gas industries.

With respect to oil & gas, we are able to facilitate cost-savings independent of market volatility. With Ghana’s oil & gas sector still in its infancy, our services benefit the industry by reducing operational costs translating to the success of the sector into the considerable future.

Beyond the efficient & cost-effective nature of our technology, our market value to the agricultural sector is our provision of sustainable services and our stability as a labor force. By training and employing the native youth in this trade we are filling the void of insufficient labor in Ghana’s argic sector.

Aside from our services, what makes us unique in the marketplace is our access to research and development. With R&D, we are able to come up with viable solutions in line with your needs further allowing us to circumvent potential obstacles along the way. Additionally, with access to a dedicated R&D team, we can ensure the provision of state of the art services and technologies.

As your geospatial data collection & delivery service provider, our goal is to be a market leader. We, therefore, strive to be the industries gold standard in UAS’ service delivery. No matter the task at hand, GEM Industrial Solutions is ready and prepared to work with you and your corporation in order to provide qualitative commercial solutions tailored to your needs.