GEM Industrial Solutions asset management team works to find and fight corrosion. Using UAS with a wide array of payloads, we conduct asset assessments allowing us to mitigate future risk. Through data collection and processing, we can help identify corrosion early facilitating the clients ability to address corrosion issues before further damage occurs.

Our flight platforms provide the following payloads:

  • RGB
  • Near Infrared
  • Thermal
  • Multispectral

Cost Savings – Maintaining image quality standards, UAS’ inspections are more cost-effective than the use of conventional fixed-wing aircrafts for the same purpose.

Time Savings – The system’s mobility & ability to rapidly analyze data reduces the time associated with detecting defects and making repairs.

High Productivity– The low cost and efficiency of taking aerial photos make for the most economical method of inspection.

High-Quality Inspection– With sub-millimeter image resolution, our trained pilots are able to fly far enough from the inspected assets without the threat of damage, and together with our engineers’ knowledge, rapidly locate and diagnose issues such as leaks.

The Best Thermal Imaging Equipment – Using the highest quality thermal imaging cameras we are able to detect even the slightest leak.